Sep. 2nd, 2013

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So. My life is a swirling vortex of suck right now.

No. I mean. It could be worse and I'm probably just whiny? But also, it sucks.

My hip hurts. A lot. All the time.

My grandfather, one of my favourite people of all time ever anywhere, has been in the hospital with a broken hip since 6th June. He was ~officially~ released from the rehab place on 29th August (long story, but he was going to stay an extra 2 weeks or so until we finished upgrading his apartment so he could stay there with grandma without too much difficulty). Except then on the evening of the 29th (incidentally, my grandmother's 80th birthday), he had what we thought at the time was a major stroke.

Rushed to hospital from rehab centre, my grandmother, mother, step-father, aunt and one cousin were there when mother sent her bff to come pick me up from my work mid-shift to go to emergency room to be there when grandpa died. Because that's what we were pretty sure was about to happen.

We said our goodbyes, he said his -- two words at a time in barely a whisper -- and then the night nurse was a vicious dillhole fuckface assclown pissbutt and kicked us out. Yeah, so. We don't like that nurse. At all. Grandpa was not stable, we had absolutely no guarantees he would make it til morning (and the doctors were pretty sure he wouldn't), he (grandpa) was begging us not to leave him, and he (nurse) made us all leave. :|

Well, grandpa didn't die overnight, the doctors reordered the MRI in the morning that they had ordered, then figured, 'actually no he probably won't live that long' and then cancelled the night before, and lo and behold, it wasn't a stroke.

We have no idea what it was. No one does.

Grandpa is stable, but in borderline poor/grave condition, STILL does not have a bed 116 hours after being admitted, and is still on a stretcher in the ER.

Which, you know, would make for a terrible fucking weekend for everyone involved, especially grandpa.


Remember how it was my grandmother's 80th birthday? Yeah, we planned a huge party. Family from all the fuck over coming in. Once we figured out we'd have a little lead time to prepare and get to the ER if grandpa did decide to die on us, he demanded that we have the party anyway.

Since we're the ones who live in town, my mother kind of spearheaded the event on Sunday. And the event on Saturday. And the second event on Saturday. And and and and.

I have not stopped moving since I went to work on Thursday. There are people everywhere. Talking. Loudly. Because that's what my family does. Everyone's leaving today, so people stopping by since 6am to say bye.

Uncle and cousin who were staying here (no one usually stays here, we have too many dogs, but there was no where else to put people) just left. Mother and stepfather have gone to buy a GPS. I am alone (with said too many dogs). There is the ringing in my ears that I can only associate with my family. Even the dogs at the kennel make less headache afterwards.

Going to see Grandpa today -- mama and I didn't go this weekend since so many other people were visiting and we've already pissed the hospital off plus Grandpa gets worn out so fast. And then I'm going to paint my nails, and then I'm going to sleep forever...

Or until I have to go in to work early tomorrow. :\


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