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Birthdate:Dec 18
I'm a twenty-three year old lady trying to find my way in the world and in the meantime I am going to hang out online and read and write a lot and keep records of my weird life in my journal. I am in school for veterinary science, so I talk about animals a lot. If you think animals are not cool, I'm not sure we can be friends. I sometimes rant about people that irritate me. I have recently started f-locking more of my posts, so if you friend me, let me know! I like owls, umbrellas, bagels, walks in the rain, Vikings, kung fu and being badass. But I hate pandas. A lot. I am maybe a tiger, but probably not a cylon.
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Friend me if you wish, just drop me a PM or a comment to let me know why :)
I don't like boats as much as they say I do.
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1969 dodge superbee, acting, acting up, all the dogs ever, angels vs demons, animal rescue, badassery, bagels (specifically- eating them), being average at things, biting things, books, boys night out, braids, burnt marshmallows, camping, capslock, chocolate milk, crayons, creative writing, cryptic mentor figures, dinosaurs, discworld, dogs, doing my hair, euchure, fanfiction, fanmixes, feeding my neuroses, geckos, girly sleepovers, gluing stuff to stuff, hating pandas, herpetology, horses, imaginary apocalypses, james/lily, latin, lists, living arcanis, lizards, long car trips, lying about everything, making zines, marauding, motion city soundtrack, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, outer space, pet nutrition, pink grapefruit mentos, putting pancakes in me, rainstorms, raptor!castiel, rats, reading, running jumping climbing trees, sam/castiel, saving people hunting things, shakespeare, shouting, shouting at the tv, slash, sleeping, sloan, snapple, sudden but inevitable betrayal, supernatural, tea, terry prachett, the beatles, the raptor-pocalypse, the sassiest otp, theatre, theirloveissobeingredefined, things this is not, time travel, trampolines, trivia, tswift/gaga, webcomics, winter, world domination, writing, writing big bangs
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