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A few months ago [livejournal.com profile] erture posted about which five female fictional characters she would want on her "crap, now we have to save the world/universe/sandwich" team. When I read it, I thought she probably had picked the characters I also would have picked, but I guess I should probably think of my own, so here goes.

YES THIS HAS BEEN SITTING ON MY DESKTOP SINCE OCTOBER, BLOW ME. I started a year-end meme I nabbed from [livejournal.com profile] sigrundora, but it turned out to depressing as hell when I started writing, and I'm attempting to begin 2012 as positively as possible, so none of that, only geekery and badass chicks!

No particular order, either, because my brain isn't capable of that higher level of thinking.

Martha Jones
Um, the chick who brought down the Master with the power of wishful thinking? I think so. Calm and collected (mostly) in the face of a crisis like say, oh, I don't know, suddenly ending up on the moon. Also, she's got a medical background. Who knows what we're going up against here? That could definitely be handy.

Jo Harvelle
Because someone on the team just has to have that nice, polite smile that say "hi, how can I kick the ever-loving shit out of you today?" Girl has serious moxie. She's seen shit, man. Like serious shit. I know she won't back down from a fight, even when it gets scary beyond reason. And she handles a gun pretty fantastically.

Ginny Weasley
I know haters gonna hate, and that's okay. Haters can hate all they want, I think Ginny is fierce. She's like a tiny lion, made of red hair and freckles. Her Bat Bogey Hex? That's something we're going to need, I can feel it in my water. And bonus points for ginger pride.

Esme Weatherwax
I already know there's going to be a lot of butting heads going on on this team, and Granny and Ginny are definitely going to get into it, but I want the old lady's opinion on stuff. Esme Weatherwax is definitely pretty incredible at headology. And she's like, the only one who can Borrow with bees. She's the scariest enemy I can think of, and therefore should probably be on my side.

Athena Agathon
Woman just doesn't take shit. And is a robot. I literally cannot see a downside.
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