unavoidedcrisis: rainbow swoosh with the text "nyarrr" (nyarrr!)
2013-12-13 10:47 pm

this boyfriend wtf even

I wanna just... AUGH for a second.


Okay, so I'm about right on track for my monthly freaking the shit out about everything forever and crying for 2 days because life is too lifey. Boyfriend is working night shifts. He's on his first break. Sends me a Snap Chat of a propane blow torch (because of course he does). When I didn't reply, he texted to ask me what I was up to.

Me: Nothing. Reading. Tumblr. Sulking.
Him: Awww.
Me: Please come pet my hair until the future stops being scary. [incidentally, a thing on my tumblr dashboard at the time]
Him: Why is the future scary?
Me: Well, it's cold, for one thing. And I just feel alone.
Him: Very cold more blankets. Metaphorically alone?
Me: Just. Alone. All the ways. Alone in the wide world of human experience. Alone inside my head in all of space and time.
Him: Oh I c. But you have me.
Me: Blah, I know. Just feeling sorry for myself. ♥
Him: Your my world. Fyi. And my world is so much less scary when I know your in it. I'm very marshmallowy on this subject.
Me: Shush. omg wtf, SHUUUUSH. And you mean "you're" for all of those.
Him: Yes Miss Leen. ♥♥♥

I LITERALLY CANNOT WITH HIM SOMETIMES. I feel like he's Leslie Knope and I'm April Ludgate. Stop.