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Hey guess what, I hate the new LJ releases re: comments. But I'm guessing y'all already knew that. tbh, I'm still unhappy with the "crosspost to FB and Twitter" options. -.-

I had to deal with a stack of student loans paperwork this morning. Now I am made of grumpy feelings.

OH and if that wasn't enough, I've been having about a solid week of those "I am legitimately the most unattractive beast to have ever clumsily roamed the earth" feelings. Seriously, could I be any more repulsive as a human? But instead of feeling fat and ugly and bloated and like I have bad skin and gross teeth, I now ALSO have a cold sore. Because stress is sexy, don'tcha know.

And I fucking hate the sound of my own voice. More than I hate the new way we're supposed to pick icons for comments now, which is saying a lot.

And I hate my new glasses, too. So much for be stoked for them at the shop. They're awful and I look super dumb.

SELF ESTEEM WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR EVERYONE. Clearly I was wrong on that one.

PS, Hobbit trailer blew my mind. Glad my browser doesn't try to correct "hobbit." It knows the score :D
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I've been thinking about Twitter recently. Anyone who follows me know Twitter is where my brain goes to shout maniacally about things. I have 0 coherency on Twitter. I shout about a lot of fandom stuff and dog rescue stuff and how much longer til I get to leave work.

Which is all well and good.

Except over Thanksgiving my sister gave a bunch of my RL cousins my Twitter handle and they all followed me. Now, none of them use Twitter as often as I do, so I don't think they see all of my tweets, but like...

They could potentially go find them.

Like my massive amount of tweets about gay incest and shark babies and putting my (imaginary) penis in things and drunk Batman and how much fanfiction I actually write and how much I love hairboats.

It's a lot. I really love them. Enthusiastically and unironically.

And like, tonight I was tweeting about sex pollen tarantulas.

Should I be worried that the entire internet, including my very "normal" blood relatives can see me being a dingbat?

Should I be more worried that I am this ding-batty person 24/7 and this is probably not a phase?

Or should I just be worried about these sex pollen tarantulas I've apparently willed in to existence?
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Desktop Background Meme/Photo )

Abby is the least helpful shadow I've ever had, especially when it comes to walking up or down the stairs or trying to catch frogs.

It's been raining off and on here for the last few nights. I go out around eleven-midnight and walk around the suburbs, finding frogs that have come out in the rain and relocating them away from the rich people's swimming pools and towards the swampy bits of land that are mostly chlorine-free. So. I guess I have a new hobby? That's only a little weird, right?

Last night I had Abby with me and her sole aim in life was to eat as many frogs as I picked up. She didn't actually ingest any; all frogs safely accounted for and stolen away from the swimming pools. Let's chalk this one up as a win.

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Here are some things I just don't understand.

1) Heavy metal. I mean, I kind of get heavy metals (although it's never really been well defined as to how you get into that club), but the music of the same name confuses me. It's probably really hard to play and more power to you, metal guitarists, but wow it just kind of hurts my ears and makes me angry. I can't understand what you're saying if you keep shouting and growling like that! It's like talking to an angry dog.

2) And why don't people like sitcoms? You don't have to like all of them, but I find it hard to believe there is not a single situation comedy you don't at least sometimes enjoy. WHY DO YOU HATE LAUGHTER.

3) And sausages are gross. What part of the animal are you even eating? I don't think you know. And that weird me out. Same with pepperoni (though it makes a good name for a gecko) and extra same goes for meatloaf.

4) What's the deal with Lost? What was the story for that even? It seems like six years of unanswered questions and random shit that the writers thought would be a good idea. Or maybe this is how it happened:

'Guys, the dog ate the scripts for this week! I think he got angry because he was listening to too much incoherent metal music and he couldn't figure out what he was eating, so he was trying to get back at me! What do we do?'

'Shit, I knew we should have let him watch Scrubs! Add a polar bears and some smudgy smoke shit that kills people. That'll do for at least another half a season!'

5) I like drinking booze. Alcohol makes me feel warm 'n' fuzzy and it makes it easier for me to deal with people. I am not a notoriously good dealer of people usually. But I don't get the appeal of being so drunk you throw up. Most people don't like throwing up. In fact, most people try to avoid it. Unless they're drinking. All I'm saying is if you hate your friends so much that you need to drink until you can't remember anything you did with them at all last night, maybe you need to Craigslist some new friends. Just sayin'.

6) What's the deal with spelling on the internet? Why do some people find it so difficult to do? I mean, you can navigate to facebook or twitter or whatever site you blow at spelling on. You typed in the url without killing anyone. How is 'where' or 'their' so hard to spell? ESPECIALLY considering most browsers have the option for auto-spellcheck?

These are just some of the things I don't get today, guys.


Feb. 5th, 2010 05:22 pm
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Alright, so I noticed on my main page for LJ that the little boxy that showed me how long ago I last updated my journal was and had the link for my inbox, etc, WAS MISSING.

I did some investigations and learned I am a very poor spy, because I couldn't find it. And then in my idiocy, I changed my LJ viewing layout thingy from XColiber (aka: olllld viewing style) to whatever the hell the new one is called, completely forgetting that I HATE the new one and LOVE the old one and can't get the old one back once I change it. *facepalm*

So now I am stuck with this stupid vertical bar up the side of my page AND I still can't find that little box with my inbox in it. Anyone else having this issue? Any way to trick LJ into giving me back XColiber?
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 13/31

Three things:

1) I had a dream that I could communicate with birds. That wasn't the important focus of the dream, just a side story, but I don't remember the main part so I'll just talk about the bird part. Anyways, I could talk to them and they understood me and when they talked in their bird voices, I could understand them. Except that I never really talked to them because they never had anything interesting to say and they were super boring compared to the other part of the dream. Weird, right?

2) I went to pick up some packages for me at the post office today. But they couldn't give them to me because their computer system was malfunctioning. Okay fair enough- IF THE COMPUTER WORKS THE SECRET VALUT WHERE YOU'RE KEEPING MY PACKAGE. The attendant was literally leaning on the counter my mail was sitting on. A big chunky envelope with my name in big letters right on it was touching her elbow. I had my pick up slip, I had my photo id but they couldn't give it to me? How sad for the whole world.

3) Why do we, as people, drink water? Dude, you're drinking a fish's home. That just seems cruel.

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Special Fun Features
Quote of the Day: Like I said, you make your choices and you live with them. And in end you are those choices. [Kendra Shaw, Battlestar Galactica]

Fact of the Day: The Snow Lion is one of the Four Dignities of Shambhala Buddhism and it symbolizes (among other things) unconditional cheerfulness.

Pretty Picture of the Day: here )

Song of the Day: 'Someone To Watch Over Me', Ella Fitzgerald. This plays on repeat in my mind when I'm lonely.

The Final Thought: We're the reason so many fish are homeless.
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I was out far too late doing far too many silly things of the role playing variety last night, as is customary when my spirits are low.

I sometimes think I am better at being someone else than I am at being be. My silly games take me away from me temporarily (or as away as my character allows. Sometimes they are very much like me) and it is lighthearted fun. And it usually turns racy, which is shameful to admit.

It was decided last night, however, after reviewing some of my principle characters, that I have a type. Yes, a type. This, I think, more than anything else, shamed me. Even when I am pretending to be someone else, it's all vaguely the same person. But it's alright because all of the people I roleplay with have the same exact problem. Sure, we're predictable, but it's consistent.

In other, more pressing but no more boring and whiny, news: my keyboard has a magic button on it somewhere that whenever I hit it while typing, it changes my keyboard set up and makes all my punctuation go pear-shaped. Problem here is I don't know which button it is and it's immensely frustrating. Because I hit it all the time! Then I have to close whatever program I'm working in and reopen it. This will drive me literally insane during nano, I think.
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So I spent a fair amount on money this evening and bought a new laptop. Brand. New. I've never had a brand new laptop before. I'm a little thrilled. Well, thrilled, alternating with stomach pains every time I think about the price. That should pass though (I hope).

It's going to be a bit while I get used to the new keyboard, also, which is annoying. Also the mouse pad/pointer thing is not sensitive at all and I have to actually press down to get it to do anything.

I'm in the long and involved process of moving all my files from the previous computer to Adam's external hard drive so I can put everything onto this one. This one, in case you were curious, is a shiny white LG R580 and though I'm running Vista, I'm happy enough with it. It does not fold my laundry, which I wish it did, but we'll get through. I have pronounced it male and named him Alejandro. I think we'll be happy together.

Shopping was going to originally be Adam, Katie and I, but Aimee and Trishka ended up tagging along. T and I played in all the elevators (alternately called 'alligators') at Sears while the grownups looked for fancy clothes to wear to court. I will have you note there are no elevators (or alligators) in our local Sears store. Good times were had by all.

Speaking of good times, the sales rep at Future Shop was very cute as well. And he gave me a hundred bucks off which was good. But he is not single.

The winningest part of all of today, of course, is that I AM CONNECTED TO THE WIRELESS. Oh yes.
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Now I know I've ranted about this three or four times in the past, but I was just recently pissed off about it anew, so here we are.

We have wireless internet in our house. Which I help pay for every month. At the beginning of the year, I got a laptop because my desktop broke down and decided it was time for an upgrade to something more portable. Because who doesn't love the have the internet in the living room, or in the kitchen?

Well, for the first few months, my roommate flat out refused to give me the WEP key to log on. He said I could just use the 5.5 feet of cord in my bedroom if I wanted to go online. He claimed the password was the password he used for everything and he was not going to share it because then I'd have access to his entire life (or something equally stupid as a reason). He finally caved and gave me the code, but it still didn't work so he claimed it was my computer that didn't work.

Now roommate dear is an only child from a single parent family and is used to getting everything his way that it sets my teeth to aching sometimes. Other roommate does not believe in conflict, so apparently I have to settle for using the cord in my room.

Fine, if that's the way you want to act, I'm happier in here with the door closed.

But then I got a new laptop and sold old laptop to roommate two. Who, in the month since she got the laptop, has never once has an issue using the wireless network. She can even use the web from the front lawn, as we proved last night.

Bolstered by this, I attempted signing on this evening while we were downstairs. No avail, it still doesn't work.

He gives me the same excuse he did before. 'It's your computer.'

Well no, genius, it's not. It can't have been my computer this whole time because a) the old computer works fine for the roommate you do like, and b) this computer has been successful in getting a wireless signal in at least 4 other places (cousin's house, mother's house, sorority house, Janis's house).

So now he's claiming he's not going to try the other router we own, because the current set up works for him and roommate 2 has no complaints, so why should we change anything when it works for both of them and I'm the only one with an issue?

It's not a majority rules system if I'm paying the goddamn bill.

So I'm going to go yank all the cords out of the wireless and claim that it works for me and if he's got something to say about it, well then maybe I'll hit him in the mouth not pay anything this month.

EDIT: He attempted to be less of a meanie. I have been slightly mollified. And we're getting a better router tomorrow.
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I would have died.

And quickly.

My twitter has been acting up and I haven't been online in about 5 days and it feels like I'm dying inside. That's bad news.

Apparently I did or said something on Friday night to someone/someones in a way that could have been or may have been construed by someone/someones who doesn't know me fully to be bad, mean or not socially acceptable.

But I'm not sure.

You ever feel like everyone is playing a game but they never told you the rules? Or maybe they did at one point, but you were sleeping, or maybe they only told you in a language you don't understand... It's a familiar game and if someone would just remind you, you could all get on with it and have a grand evening?

Ever take so much verbal abuse from strangers in one afternoon that it felt like your eyebrows were going to fall off? Yeah. Welcome to my every Sunday. I almost feel sorry for all the people who call in just simply to yell at me about things. Things that they generally brought on themselves. They don't seem to realize how badly I can mess things up in their cell phone accounts (you would not believe how many people fully rely on their phones)... Good thing I'm so upstanding or all y'all would have some crazy stuff going on up in there.

Also, Battlestar Galactica:
Just kill me now. I seriously can't handle this show. It's too intense. Too many plots and sub-plots and only about three characters I hate (which is bad news, because I can tell a whole bunch of people are about to start dying which means say bye-bye to many of my favourites). So much to cram into the rest of season four. Only 18 episodes left for me to watch! And then Razor, of course. I am both excited and not to keep watching. SO STRESSFUL.

Ditto the book I'm currently reading (A Storm of Swords).

So my 'relaxing weekend' coming up that would normally be spent reading and watching sci-fi might kill me with a cardiac arrest. Fun, right?
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So it seems that good things happen to bad people and even more so the opposite happens.

This does not make me happy in any way. I very much want to give up on life sometimes.

In other news, I have a computer again. ^__^ Much love to Janis, with whom all things are possible.
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December 10th, 2oo8

Adam just got home and brought me delicious tea. Yay Adam.

In less delicious, much more evil and heart breaking news, my computer is fried. Like, fried-fried. As in, replacing it on the weekend. I am so upset. If I end up losing all my files... *ded* I'm going to try and back everything up soon. Wish me luck >.<

Work was great today, 2.5 hours of the taking calls type of work but paid for a 7.5 hour day. yay skill enhancement. Because apparently my skills need constant enhancing. Woo!

Plans for 'holidays' are still very shifty and sickly looking. Most likely ordering pizza and hiding under the covers. Hopefully with a shiny new laptop. I'll keep you posted.

See you there, inter-sphere.

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Extra Special I Forget What I Call These Features!

Today! In History: 1901 - First Nobel Prizes awarded.

Quote of the Day: "Though I am not naturally honest, I am so sometimes by chance." [William Shakespeare]

Bizarre Fact of the Day: The first and most common symptoms of radiation poisoning is nausea and vomitting. So this flu season, if you're feeling under the weather, it's probably radiation poisoning! How bizarre.

Pretty Picture of the Day: )

The Final Word: I wish every a happy holiday season full of radiation sickness (aka: the creeping dose... eerie!), the enhancement of skills and one very merry slowly advancing wall of ice. ;)
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Tyler called! Tyler called!

Now, you may be wondering who Tyler is. Answer: I have no idea. But he works at Best Buy, and he called to tell me that the manufacturer sent back my Zen Micro [read: high tech mp3 player, only cooooler, and with all my media files] with a note that said, 'it'll cost more than it's worth to fix it, just give her a new one.'

So I'm getting a new one! Oh Tyler, I heart you!

Upside: brand new, no scratches, no more terrible playback, no more turning on by itself, new headphones

Downside: have to reload all my files and that takes a really long time, they have no more in my colour [black], have to get over to Best Buy to pick one up.

Now, I have a lot of writing to do...
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Oooh woo!

That is right my friends. I have bought myself/my mom bought it for me a polaroid camera! Finally. Been wanting on for soo long. Only 5 bucks at Goodwill.

Nine more days 'til Wicked, and *mental math* Eighteen days until New York trip! And Ten days until opening night of the play. Actually, I think it may end up being opening morning. We're still not sure about that.

But a Polaroid camera! *does insta-picture dance*

Film costs your first born son though. Friggin' film fascists. Ooh, alliteration [not illiteratioin]. No wonder the blasted things never caught on.

7:30 rehersal tomorrow, then after school, I'm getting my new glasses. They have tiger stripes on them.

And while we're raving about updating the look, I got my hair cut yesterday, and I FINALLY got a new bar for my industrial. All are good things.
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I spent eight and a half hours trying to download Ragnarok last night/this morning.

Eight and a half. Hours.

Finally, it finished and I went to bed with the intention of installing it when I got up. But no. It doesn't work. The download, I mean. It won't install. I've tried everything.

Then it froze my computer, so I had to reboot.

And when I did, my eight and a half hour download was gone.

So now I feel like hurting someone. But I think I will have to settle for ice cream and slash.

I really wanted to play too.

*is upset*

Maybe I'll go rent a video to occupy my afternoon.
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I got it! I got it!

My brand new computer!

His name is Bernie, and he's fully capable.

He's also Jewish, hence 'Bernie'.

But he loves to travel and make new friends. He loves exotic places, and learning new languages.

I love my new friend Bernie.


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