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I had a lovely Christmas, hope any/all of you who celebrate it had a nice one too.

I got a cuddly sweater and some sweet nail polish, then I groomed some dogs and slept on the floor in a pile of pets. Just the usual, you know.

Now I'm doing absolutely nothing. Seriously. nothing. The tv is on, but I'm barely watching. It's nice to have legit nothing to have to do. I'm going back north to work and school again tomorrow night, so I'm going to enjoy my last 24 hours of NOTHING AT ALL.

Hope all is well.
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My mother's been texting me all evening, telling me that I am genetically part cat, so I called to tell her to stop harassing me and that cats are terrible. Once she picked up, I could hear my step-dad shouting in the background at the tv, something he only does when they're watching basketball, Dancing With The Stars, or the Westminster Dog Show.

"Sorry mother," I say. "Should I call back when Dancing With The Stars is over?"

"We're just watching the news," she says. "But we're about to turn on Glee."

cut for what I'm assuming are spoilers from last night's Glee? )

I don't watch Glee, and mother knows this, but she calls approximately once a week to tell me what's been happening on Glee (except she doesn't know anyone's name or the names of the songs so it's usually a very strange phone call).

Her: You should watch Glee.
Me: Not really interested.
Her: It's just like real high school.
Me: I... doubt that. And besides, I hated high school when I was in it, why would I want to experience something that is 'just like high school'?
Her: You loved high school. High school was just like Glee for you. You can pick, you're the one in the wheelchair or the black lesbian.
Me: Mother, I'm not going to watch Glee.
Her: This is why you're part cat, always hating everything.

Then she put the dog on the phone so I could talk to him, then she hung up.

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Posted my [livejournal.com profile] spn_hetexchange fic last night. Am so very proud of myself for doing so.

I move on Saturday and I have packed exactly one-and-three-quarters-boxes. But today I realized I actually need to be done packing by lunchtime Thursday because Katie and I are probably going out to the rescue again. Also we're going out for someone else's going away party Wednesday night. And Monday is over. So I have one and a half days to pack my life away.

Pack = garbage, for most of it, it turns out. I am taking all my books and dvds, one hockey bag of clothes and then 5 other boxes. And that's it. I can;t fit anything else in my tiny apartment. The boxes have already been designated -- bathroom, kitchen, McLovin's things, school things, important-to-my-heart-things. Anything that doesn't fit in those categories (and their single, corresponding boxes) gets tossed.

And man, I have a lot of things. Bye things, it was nice knowing you. The packrat in me feels a little twinge when I get rid of things, but for the most part I am feeling okay. It also doesn't hurt that I am in absolute-panic mode because I'm worried the mover will show up with the truck on Saturday morning and I'll be all 'durrrrr, not ready'. And then the mover will hit me with a belt because the mover is my mama and she's been ragging on me to pack for

I also got hydro and internet set up in the new place. Hydro should be on already, but internet doesn't get set up until the 30th. My first day in the new place, new town, new everything living on my own for the very first time and I will be without my safety net, the internet. I guess I'll use that day to wander around town and look at things? I don't know, it's a town of like, 4500 people. What is there to even look at? The lake, I guess.

Saturday -- move in.
Sunday -- look at the lake.
Every other day for the next three years -- look at the lake.


Okay, so I'm only MOSTLY freaking out.
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Yesterday we did our Christmas decoration extravaganza.

Click for photos! )

I'm Hungry

Sep. 17th, 2009 10:23 pm
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So Mother is still in the hospital recovering from her surgery. She's been really nauseous apparently, which Katie says is probably a combo result of the anesthesia-slash-morphine. But she's recovering. So that's yay, right?

Work was further ridiculous today with our 'renewed call volumes' leading us straight into seventeen minute waits all day. I swear my brain started leaking out of my ears after an hour.

The walls outside of the building are covered in bats. There are almost no words to describe how much I want a bat. 'A lot' are the ones that come to mind, but I feel that's not strong enough.

I might have found someone to buy the old laptop. Money earned by selling the old laptop has to go directly towards the purchase of the new laptop though. And now I'm going downstairs to get some toast.

I realize this entry jumps around a bit, but I'm okay with it.
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Mama's surgery went well, apparently, and she was up and moving before bed, which is awesome.

Katie sensed my stress level and FINALLY caved and bought me an ostrich. He's titchy, but he's all mine! I'll have to give him a kickass name. Taking suggestions from you, internet.

And speaking of gifts, I got an early (just a little) Christmas present from Janis. It's a Hufflepuff-slash-camping blanket and it doubles as a weapon if I ever have to fight the Green Lantern. The real gift was getting to make it with Janis though (awww, how sweet of me).

I have to sleep or else I might physically injure someone at work tomorrow. They gave us new adjustment limits (down from 150$ to 100$ and then down from 100$ to 25$. That's a huge jump!!) and it's been a source of aggravation in the last 48 hours. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

That's practically my new mantra. I need it on a tee shirt.


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