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I wanna just... AUGH for a second.


Okay, so I'm about right on track for my monthly freaking the shit out about everything forever and crying for 2 days because life is too lifey. Boyfriend is working night shifts. He's on his first break. Sends me a Snap Chat of a propane blow torch (because of course he does). When I didn't reply, he texted to ask me what I was up to.

Me: Nothing. Reading. Tumblr. Sulking.
Him: Awww.
Me: Please come pet my hair until the future stops being scary. [incidentally, a thing on my tumblr dashboard at the time]
Him: Why is the future scary?
Me: Well, it's cold, for one thing. And I just feel alone.
Him: Very cold more blankets. Metaphorically alone?
Me: Just. Alone. All the ways. Alone in the wide world of human experience. Alone inside my head in all of space and time.
Him: Oh I c. But you have me.
Me: Blah, I know. Just feeling sorry for myself. ♥
Him: Your my world. Fyi. And my world is so much less scary when I know your in it. I'm very marshmallowy on this subject.
Me: Shush. omg wtf, SHUUUUSH. And you mean "you're" for all of those.
Him: Yes Miss Leen. ♥♥♥

I LITERALLY CANNOT WITH HIM SOMETIMES. I feel like he's Leslie Knope and I'm April Ludgate. Stop.

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So. My life is a swirling vortex of suck right now.

No. I mean. It could be worse and I'm probably just whiny? But also, it sucks.

My hip hurts. A lot. All the time.

My grandfather, one of my favourite people of all time ever anywhere, has been in the hospital with a broken hip since 6th June. He was ~officially~ released from the rehab place on 29th August (long story, but he was going to stay an extra 2 weeks or so until we finished upgrading his apartment so he could stay there with grandma without too much difficulty). Except then on the evening of the 29th (incidentally, my grandmother's 80th birthday), he had what we thought at the time was a major stroke.

Rushed to hospital from rehab centre, my grandmother, mother, step-father, aunt and one cousin were there when mother sent her bff to come pick me up from my work mid-shift to go to emergency room to be there when grandpa died. Because that's what we were pretty sure was about to happen.

We said our goodbyes, he said his -- two words at a time in barely a whisper -- and then the night nurse was a vicious dillhole fuckface assclown pissbutt and kicked us out. Yeah, so. We don't like that nurse. At all. Grandpa was not stable, we had absolutely no guarantees he would make it til morning (and the doctors were pretty sure he wouldn't), he (grandpa) was begging us not to leave him, and he (nurse) made us all leave. :|

Well, grandpa didn't die overnight, the doctors reordered the MRI in the morning that they had ordered, then figured, 'actually no he probably won't live that long' and then cancelled the night before, and lo and behold, it wasn't a stroke.

We have no idea what it was. No one does.

Grandpa is stable, but in borderline poor/grave condition, STILL does not have a bed 116 hours after being admitted, and is still on a stretcher in the ER.

Which, you know, would make for a terrible fucking weekend for everyone involved, especially grandpa.


Remember how it was my grandmother's 80th birthday? Yeah, we planned a huge party. Family from all the fuck over coming in. Once we figured out we'd have a little lead time to prepare and get to the ER if grandpa did decide to die on us, he demanded that we have the party anyway.

Since we're the ones who live in town, my mother kind of spearheaded the event on Sunday. And the event on Saturday. And the second event on Saturday. And and and and.

I have not stopped moving since I went to work on Thursday. There are people everywhere. Talking. Loudly. Because that's what my family does. Everyone's leaving today, so people stopping by since 6am to say bye.

Uncle and cousin who were staying here (no one usually stays here, we have too many dogs, but there was no where else to put people) just left. Mother and stepfather have gone to buy a GPS. I am alone (with said too many dogs). There is the ringing in my ears that I can only associate with my family. Even the dogs at the kennel make less headache afterwards.

Going to see Grandpa today -- mama and I didn't go this weekend since so many other people were visiting and we've already pissed the hospital off plus Grandpa gets worn out so fast. And then I'm going to paint my nails, and then I'm going to sleep forever...

Or until I have to go in to work early tomorrow. :\
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Oh. Hey. My last journal entry was my 1,500th on this LJ. Go me.

Hello everyone. Let's talk about a thing.

So pets die, right? I deal with that a lot on account of I work at a vet clinic. PS, I don't think I'm building up to a certain point, I just need to pour out some words, so. Don't expect some sweeping, majestic summation of human existence at the end here.

There's a lot of different reasons as to why someone would have to get a pet put to sleep (PTS), but if the reason is bogus, my vets will send the person away with a live pet. They don't fuck around and take "well I just don't want it anymore" as an excuse. Reason number five hundred and sixteen that I love my job, right.

The vast, overwhelming majority of pets that are PTS at our clinic are PTS because they are very old and their bodies are shutting down on them. That's... a pretty damn good way to go, it turns out. Better than the ones we see that are young and suddenly horribly ill or injured. We get those sometimes, but it's far less regular.

My first PTS at this clinic (and my first working in the field, not a PTS that was one of my pets) was an old, sick cat who had had a great run and needed a little mercy. I was fine with this. The owner cried a little, thanked us profusely, and left with her equally crying toddler. It happened, I went "aw, that's too bad, poor family," and went about my business.

The second PTS was an ancient sheltie with an equally ancient man for an owner. He'd known this day was coming and was just so... At peace with it. We dragged a chair into the exam room so he could sit with her (we don't have chairs in there normally on account of very small exam rooms) and his adult daughter was with him. She was sobbing, he was just sitting quietly with his hand on the dog's paw. The daughter had to leave the room, asked if I would stand with him. I did, because how do you say no to a sobbing lady and a 5000 year old man who are asking for something so simple? You don't, that's how. I felt sad after this, but the old man hugged and thanked me when we took the dog's body away and I went on with my day.

(The aforementioned old cat's owner came by a few days later with a fruit basket. That happened. Blew my goddamn mind.)

I didn't know either of these families or their pets, this being my 1st/2nd week at the clinic, but I knew their pain and it made me frown and go "awww, bad day for them, I feel empathetic towards this situation, &c." This was also right around the time I had to put Casey to sleep.

We had a couple more, I don't really remember. A relatively young dog with pancreatitis that had been in every day for about 15 in a row for rechecks, fluid therapy, etc. had to be PTS in my first amount of time at the hospital. I knew the owners a little better (really nice old married couple) and I knew the dog. She was a real sweetie. They thanked us too, the whole team, and gave the vet who did the euth a hug and dropped off a card when they came back to pick up the dog's ashes.

But then Nash. Nash was a dog I had never met before who belonged with a family I'd never before. He was old and very sick and he had a peaceful death. And fuck did I ever cry. I got myself together relatively quickly, but in the 10 minutes I was crying, I was fucking sobbing.

There have been about 4 now that have had me in honest to god tears. And a few more past that were I've welled up a little, or had a Dean Winchester style "single manly tear." But I mean, the majority of them are "oh gosh, that poor cat/dog/hamster/family." There's a few more coming up, that we know are on the horizon that I know I'll cry over (including one for Sasha that's going to have me in tears for an hour, I guarantee it. Tonight or tomorrow. Very anxious about going to work soon :/), and a few more that I'll just be thankful have finally happened (again, Sasha. Ugh, poor creature).

On Friday, we had to euth a large Maine Coon (like McLovin and Casey...). The owner was a bedridden 89 year old woman and the cat came in with her daughter and HER daughter (so, daughter and grand-daughter to cat's owner, referred to henceforth as "lady" and "daughter" because I never met the actualfax owner). The cat was sick (suddenly, acutely, in a 8 year old cat, so still relatively young, though maybe closer to geriatric from a Maine Coon stance). Very sick. We did rads and a basic CBC to comfirm. Yes, the cat was very sick, Yes, the best thing we can do for the kitty now is have it PTS. So that's what the lady and her daughter did. They called the owner and she said goodbye over speakerphone in the exam room, then they paid the bill and left. They couldn't stay while it happened.

Some people find it really difficult to stay for any of it, and some people don't even want the pet to be taken to the treatment room to have the catheter put in because any time away from the pet is horrible for them to conceive (putting in an IV cath makes it way easier and less painful to put the euthynol in, less messy, less scary, less stressful. We put a cath in in the back, bring the pet back to the family and the vet gives them however much time they need before coming back in and doing the euth). I'm totally non-judgey of whatever someone chooses to do. I stay through every second of McLovin's euth last April and patted his stupid cat head. I was there for all of Casey's, but I could barely look at him, let alone touch him. Grief does weird things to us, every time.

They left, me and the tech stayed with the cat while the vet put the needle. It was good, tbh, that they left. The cat needed way more of the drug than we thought it would, had to IC after initial sedation. It was pretty bad to watch (but he didn't feel it, don't worry). I cried a little because it made me think of my stupid Maine Coons who decided both to die last year.

I'm covered in cat fur and dried tears now, it's 30 minutes after we close and we've been slammed all day, so I'm sweating like a cow. I've stripped off my scrub top, so I'm in my ratty old kennel tank and am washing blood from a very-enthusiastically-in-heat dog off the walls in the big exam room when someone starts rattling the front door. I am pissed, and exhausted (after being there 30 minutes late on top of my 13 hour shift already and it's been a goddamn long day).

It's the cat's people. The lady and her daughter. They brought us cupcakes.

So. I cried a little over the cat. I fucking sobbed over the cupcakes. Grief does weird things to people.

This has been a lot of thoughts about dead pets. I have to vent them out periodically so I don't explode.

Also, never give your dog his/her medication mixed with chocolate milk, that just makes you a fucking idiot.
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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Not really. Just antibiotics.

I handed in a Client Relations paper today at 8:30, then I turned around and stumbled home and slept from 9 this morning to 6 this evening. It was... kind of magical. I know going to school is important, but today was the first time since school started that I've been able to sleep for more than about 5 hours at a time.

Still plodding away at the [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang fic. Still blaming [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte for everything that is wrong with my life. Still trying to resist the siren call of my horrible Leverage idea for [livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang.

McLovin was absolutely great on his own while I was away from Thanksgiving. Nothing broken, nothing peed on, nothing dead and hidden under my pillows. He even cuddled in bed with me today. Who is this cat and what happened to my beast?

Thanksgiving was good. I thought about it. I guess I have a lot to be thankful for this year, including all you guys. <3

Now, only two and bit more months to prepare my airing of grievances.. :D
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So you see videos of those really awesome orchestras playing concerts and stuff, right, and all the people are in formal wear... What happens when they're just recording something for an album? Do they still dress up?

I think most of them don't. They're busy people like the rest of us, with kids to drop off at school and appointments to keep and then tonight the twins have soccer practice and the bake sale for the swim team is tomorrow, so they gotta make four dozen sugar cookies when they get home and the dog got into the roast that was defrosting, so what the hell are they going to do for dinner tonight? They're running around, trying to find a store that has pork chops on sale because being a world renown oboeist doesn't pay like it used to, man, so they do not have time to get all snazzed up just to sit in a little room and play for the sweaty sound recording guy behind the glass. No way, they just go in in their cats-wearing-snorkels pajamas. And they maybe only sometimes brush their teeth.

There's always that one guy who's gotta ruin it though, because he shows up in his twelve piece tux with his monocle firmly affixed and his top hat exactly centred on his head because it's too avante-garde to wear it slightly tilted to the left. And he's all 'dudes, you are not taking this seriously enough! It's bad enough the conductor started letting you wear business casual to rehearsals, but now we look trashy. Seriously, you guys suck.'

I bet they hate that guy.

ilu guys

Sep. 13th, 2010 10:07 am
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"If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal."
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I was in a play when I was younger (I was in plenty of plays, actually, I went to theatre school for 7 years, not to mention community theatre and backyard plays for the fam, plus SOS in university). The point is, I was in this particular play when I was younger.

I continue in this vein for a bit, then veer quickly into talking about my chest in terms that might freak people out. Nothing horribly graphic, but cutting here for possible tmi just in case. Also, length, as usual. )
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i've always wanted to tell you...

And happy birthday, Canada!

I was thinking about all the places I want to travel to and all the sights I want to see, and there is not a doubt in my mind that I will always end up back here. I love you, small-town Canada, never change.

1162 | 1500

Feeling good. Put another 600 or so words on one of my big bang and the rest is my first attempt at Leverage fic. But today is only day one. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.
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We didn't bring our camera to Celtfest, but I wish we had so I could regale you all with pictures of sheep. Seriously. Is there a cuter animal in the world? I haven't met it yet. We watched the herding demos and sure, border collies are cute but I'm all about the sheep. And they go 'baa'. I can dig it.

We also watched the hammer throw and the caber toss (not to be confused with 'caper toss' which is much easier, but less fun to watch) and the highland dance competitions and the pipe'n'drum competition. And I drank iced tea and ate some grape flavoured sugar. BASICALLY IT WAS AWESOME.

Last night it was the Relay for Life and it poured rain and we didn't have a tent. LESS AWESOME. We did good though. I was proud of us.

TOMORROW. Tomorrow is going to be awesome times forty. Tomorrow the big bang story I co-authored with [livejournal.com profile] epiphanyx7 -- titled 'And Grace Will Lead Me Home' -- will be posted to our joint dreamwidth account. Today, in order to generate interest, I am posting our summary and warnings. Tomorrow I will be spamming you with my master post as well. <3

Summary: In order to stop the apocalypse, Dean kills Lucifer -- saving the world, and dying in the process. But Dean's journey is far from over -- the pact he made with Lilith for his soul did not end when an angel pulled him from depths of hell.

After the apocalypse, Castiel and Sam are left to pick up the shattered pieces of themselves. In the wake of Dean's death, things are not as easy as they used to be. Castiel finds himself trapped on Earth, with no hope of returning to the only home he's ever had, while Sam tries to remember who he is without his brother.

Man and angel have nothing in common, aside from their mutual bonds to a man now dead and a future they must forge together, now that the hands of fate have released them. And they will find a purpose, find out who they are, and more importantly, will find a reason to keep going... even in the face of danger, even with the knowledge with every passing second, Sam is closer to the end of his life.

And when he is gone, Castiel will be alone. Forever.

Warnings: Warnings: Virgin sacrifices, reincarnation, body transformations, epic levels of manpain all over the place, shouting, sex, language, violence, mildly disturbing themes, puppies, ice cream, rainbows, blasphemy, semi-graphic torture, character death, het, slash, angst, goldfish, consensual fraternal incest.
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 25/31

A la [livejournal.com profile] henpecked, 21 things that make me happy.

1. Sunsets
2. Bubblebaths
3. Mashed potatoes
4. Swimming in the lake
5. Boston Terriers
6. Shiny glass beads
7. Writing very strange fiction
8. Rat babies
9. Orange juice
1o. New notebooks
11. Getting hugs from people I don't hate
12. Drinking tea
13. Caramel cherry cheesecake lat-tea
14. Knee socks
15. Peonies
16. Wearing rubber boots for puddle splashing
17. Caesar salad
18. The Tragically Hip
19. Rainstorms
2o. Lollipops
21. Trips to the zoo

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Special Fun Features
Quote of the Day: Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act. [Truman Capote]

Fact of the Day: In 1477, the first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximillian of Austria.

Pretty Picture of the Day: here )

Song of the Day: 'Little Boxes' Malvina Reynolds. Out of all the versions that were recorded for Weeds (I don't watch it, is it good?), the original is still my favourite.

The Final Thought: I just ate some hummus and it made my life.
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 19/31

Yeah, I didn't update yesterday. See I meant to but....

Anyways, excuses aside, I have come to a conclusion. I hate a lot of things about my life. I hate how I start so many things but rarely finish anything. It's not always laziness either (but let's be honest, sometimes it is), it's because I get distracted or because I get sick or because I think of something else I want to do instead. I make big plans but have trouble following through.

So last night I got to thinking. Is that going to be the story of my life? Am I only ever going to start things and never finish anything? Like this school thing I'm so excited for. I already know I suck at school and I'm a truly terrible student. I don't even know what's required of me to get in.

I've been attempting to get my driver's license for more than 5 years and there still nothing there, it's just something else I never manned up and completed.

And damn, look at my writing folders on my computer! I have like, minimum 40 files of things that I really, truly want to share with the world but somehow lost the drive to finish.

tl;dr, I'm whiny and I could be using this time to be calling the MTO re: driver's license like I promised McLovin' I'd do last night.
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 18/31

I burnt my mouth on a caramel machiato today. It hurt so bad but it tasted like drinking angel blood. Lose/win.

I think I could drive across the country in a beat up truck, maybe with a trailer or somewhere to sleep at night or maybe not. Maybe I'll buy an old bus and live in that. There's a whole bunch of provinces and states I've not been to.

I guess I should learn to drive first, yes? And win the lottery...

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Special Fun Features
Quote of the Day: If you haven't found something strange during the day, it hasn't been much of a day. [John Wheeler]

Fact of the Day: On average, an office desk has four hundred times more bacteria than a toilet.

Pretty Picture of the Day: here )

Song of the Day: 'By The Sea', Sweeney Todd (movie version).

The Final Thought: Or maybe I'll just be a mermaid.
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Things to Accomplish, 2010
- buy a trampoline
- finish high school courses
- learn to french braid
- apply to college
- finish reading the rest of those Shakespeare plays I've been too lazy to read thus far
- go camping
- finish one large writing project that I've already started but have been too lazy/uninspired to touch recently
- learn to do a handstand
- paint something I don't hate
- make new friends at every opportunity
- never leave clean laundry lying around
- make my bed every day
- stay sassy, 24/7/52/365

And of course, learn to love myself a little more than I do now, because when I think about objectively, I am kind of awesome.
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] epiphanyx7,
Happiest of holidays!
I was going to make you a most excellent mix tape, but I don’t actually remember how to use a tape recorder so I did it all on the interwebular machine instead.

by now you're guessing i'm liking you )

Now remember, you promised this wouldn’t result in a restraining order.
Happy holidays!
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You know you kind of have a strange life when you get home and take off your jeans because they're spattered with blood and then you look up and shout, exasperated, 'No, McLovin, don't chew that, that's the Apocrypha'.


We has a very busy day today, including Katie waking me up and forcing me to get dressed, three bus trips, Katie losing her cell phone and panicking like a maniac in Future Shop (don't worry, it was with Kieran!), jingle bells in my hair, writing letters to Santa, giving the letters to Santa, lunch at the Tea Garden, trying on so many shoes at Payless Shoes, and finally, Aunt Katie giving Trishka a bloody nose.

So yes, busy day at Northgate.

Trishka is getting really good at asking people how they are in French, which is fun and exciting because in a few months, she's going to speak better French than the rest of us.

Santa seemed happy to see us. We figured it was because we were all so good this year. Also because the four adult ladies with the 4 year old are very sexy and Santa was a 25 year old male. ;)

On the bus to the mall, Trishka and Katie and I were talking about what we were going to ask Santa for. Colleen wanted money for groceries and rent, Katie wanted pretty much the same thing plus a spite hamster. Trishka, on the other hand, wanted a drink, crazy hair, a yellow dress and a human slave. Yes, human slave. We have the best four year old, I think.

We brushed, bathed and cut the mats out of the animals yesterday. It was an event, let me tell you. I am covered in scratches. McLovin does not like to be brushed or cut at. He hates baths too, but once you get him wet pretty much all of the fight goes out of him. He just flops over in your arms and mourns the loss of his rage. And mewls like a fat kid when you take his cupcakes away.

I also saw a whole bunch of people too! Devin and Jamie and Holly and Jenn and Mal and Aimee and Kieran and Pixie and Shep and and and and. :D

All in all, very good day. Now I am babysitting Trishka so the girls can go out. Doesn't make a difference to me, I wasn't planning on going out and she's going to bed once she gets here anyways. Busy day and sleepy evening. Very excellent stuff.
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Okay, but on a more serious note for today.

I had a good day today. Like, better than normal. I don't really know why, don't know if I can put my finger on exactly why. My butt hurts from sitting like a monk on the floor all day (and I mean like, all day) and I'm going to have to spend the next three days in a wrist brace, but I'm feeling good.

I talked to some strangers on the internet, which is normally a little weird, but this time turned out to be really good. I think I made new friends :D

I wrote... Very little of my Nano novel. Maybe 300 words. But I did host a write in that a whooping five people turned up to, so that was cool. I ate a potato and discovered delicious (man, lists with tags and cross referencing? It's everything I want in my life).

I also laughed so hard at some cracked out spn fanfic that I thought I had pulled a muscle/died and gone to heaven (crack heaven).

Dunno even know what it is, but I just feel GOOD today, you know?
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I am having all kinds of flailing re: Supernatural. Heeee.

Nanowrimo is kicking my ass right now. I don't even want to talk about it. Which strange because normally I never want to shut up about anything.

Donated blood today, feeling sleepy and goofy and sore-armed.

And so I went to Yes today to talk to the guy about some options for college. I went in there with a solid outline for what I've been looking into (vet technology) taking/where/why and he just kind of looked at it and said 'I'm not sure you have an aptitude for this type of work'. Um. Because you've known me for fifteen minutes, tops. Go to hell.

Then he signs me up for this epic-level aptitude test that I am supposed to go to next week. There's apparently a million parts to it. A typing portion, a reading comprehension portion, basic math, basic computer skills, blood type, astrological sign, manual dexterity test, check my ph level, my level of verbal french, reflexes in my knees, ability to recall pi to eleven decimals. I don't even freaking know. All I know is that that bitch at the career place angered me and now I wanna curl up in a ball and nap my brains out.

Instead, I get to write trashy romance scenes and bake some cupcakes. And that's pretty okay too.
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Seriously, something strange is going on. I feel like I could lick thirty tigers today. They'd be delicious!

It might be because I went to the craft show tonight and ate like, my own weight in free dip (it's was great they had a sign 'No Double Dipping, This Is Not An Episode of Seinfeld!') and then like, forty six metric tons of honey*, so I'm kind of flying high on sugar and dip-related euphoria.

Or maybe I've had two people write about me in their ljs in the last 3ish hours. Two seperate people who I don't think even know each other at all. So hey, everyone on my flist, now I'm passing it on.

All of you, feel my honey flavoured love right now. Thanks for existing and all that. Thanks for commenting and being cool and letting me into your awesome lives. <3 Keep being awesome!

*srsly, it amounts to bee puke, but it absolutely awesome and it's sweet and yummy and has practically an unlimited shelf life and it's good and stuff.


Oct. 30th, 2009 12:51 am
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So... Laid off today.

I wonder what will happen to me tomorrow?

I'm Hungry

Sep. 17th, 2009 10:23 pm
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So Mother is still in the hospital recovering from her surgery. She's been really nauseous apparently, which Katie says is probably a combo result of the anesthesia-slash-morphine. But she's recovering. So that's yay, right?

Work was further ridiculous today with our 'renewed call volumes' leading us straight into seventeen minute waits all day. I swear my brain started leaking out of my ears after an hour.

The walls outside of the building are covered in bats. There are almost no words to describe how much I want a bat. 'A lot' are the ones that come to mind, but I feel that's not strong enough.

I might have found someone to buy the old laptop. Money earned by selling the old laptop has to go directly towards the purchase of the new laptop though. And now I'm going downstairs to get some toast.

I realize this entry jumps around a bit, but I'm okay with it.


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