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Oh. Hey. My last journal entry was my 1,500th on this LJ. Go me.

Hello everyone. Let's talk about a thing.

So pets die, right? I deal with that a lot on account of I work at a vet clinic. PS, I don't think I'm building up to a certain point, I just need to pour out some words, so. Don't expect some sweeping, majestic summation of human existence at the end here.

There's a lot of different reasons as to why someone would have to get a pet put to sleep (PTS), but if the reason is bogus, my vets will send the person away with a live pet. They don't fuck around and take "well I just don't want it anymore" as an excuse. Reason number five hundred and sixteen that I love my job, right.

The vast, overwhelming majority of pets that are PTS at our clinic are PTS because they are very old and their bodies are shutting down on them. That's... a pretty damn good way to go, it turns out. Better than the ones we see that are young and suddenly horribly ill or injured. We get those sometimes, but it's far less regular.

My first PTS at this clinic (and my first working in the field, not a PTS that was one of my pets) was an old, sick cat who had had a great run and needed a little mercy. I was fine with this. The owner cried a little, thanked us profusely, and left with her equally crying toddler. It happened, I went "aw, that's too bad, poor family," and went about my business.

The second PTS was an ancient sheltie with an equally ancient man for an owner. He'd known this day was coming and was just so... At peace with it. We dragged a chair into the exam room so he could sit with her (we don't have chairs in there normally on account of very small exam rooms) and his adult daughter was with him. She was sobbing, he was just sitting quietly with his hand on the dog's paw. The daughter had to leave the room, asked if I would stand with him. I did, because how do you say no to a sobbing lady and a 5000 year old man who are asking for something so simple? You don't, that's how. I felt sad after this, but the old man hugged and thanked me when we took the dog's body away and I went on with my day.

(The aforementioned old cat's owner came by a few days later with a fruit basket. That happened. Blew my goddamn mind.)

I didn't know either of these families or their pets, this being my 1st/2nd week at the clinic, but I knew their pain and it made me frown and go "awww, bad day for them, I feel empathetic towards this situation, &c." This was also right around the time I had to put Casey to sleep.

We had a couple more, I don't really remember. A relatively young dog with pancreatitis that had been in every day for about 15 in a row for rechecks, fluid therapy, etc. had to be PTS in my first amount of time at the hospital. I knew the owners a little better (really nice old married couple) and I knew the dog. She was a real sweetie. They thanked us too, the whole team, and gave the vet who did the euth a hug and dropped off a card when they came back to pick up the dog's ashes.

But then Nash. Nash was a dog I had never met before who belonged with a family I'd never before. He was old and very sick and he had a peaceful death. And fuck did I ever cry. I got myself together relatively quickly, but in the 10 minutes I was crying, I was fucking sobbing.

There have been about 4 now that have had me in honest to god tears. And a few more past that were I've welled up a little, or had a Dean Winchester style "single manly tear." But I mean, the majority of them are "oh gosh, that poor cat/dog/hamster/family." There's a few more coming up, that we know are on the horizon that I know I'll cry over (including one for Sasha that's going to have me in tears for an hour, I guarantee it. Tonight or tomorrow. Very anxious about going to work soon :/), and a few more that I'll just be thankful have finally happened (again, Sasha. Ugh, poor creature).

On Friday, we had to euth a large Maine Coon (like McLovin and Casey...). The owner was a bedridden 89 year old woman and the cat came in with her daughter and HER daughter (so, daughter and grand-daughter to cat's owner, referred to henceforth as "lady" and "daughter" because I never met the actualfax owner). The cat was sick (suddenly, acutely, in a 8 year old cat, so still relatively young, though maybe closer to geriatric from a Maine Coon stance). Very sick. We did rads and a basic CBC to comfirm. Yes, the cat was very sick, Yes, the best thing we can do for the kitty now is have it PTS. So that's what the lady and her daughter did. They called the owner and she said goodbye over speakerphone in the exam room, then they paid the bill and left. They couldn't stay while it happened.

Some people find it really difficult to stay for any of it, and some people don't even want the pet to be taken to the treatment room to have the catheter put in because any time away from the pet is horrible for them to conceive (putting in an IV cath makes it way easier and less painful to put the euthynol in, less messy, less scary, less stressful. We put a cath in in the back, bring the pet back to the family and the vet gives them however much time they need before coming back in and doing the euth). I'm totally non-judgey of whatever someone chooses to do. I stay through every second of McLovin's euth last April and patted his stupid cat head. I was there for all of Casey's, but I could barely look at him, let alone touch him. Grief does weird things to us, every time.

They left, me and the tech stayed with the cat while the vet put the needle. It was good, tbh, that they left. The cat needed way more of the drug than we thought it would, had to IC after initial sedation. It was pretty bad to watch (but he didn't feel it, don't worry). I cried a little because it made me think of my stupid Maine Coons who decided both to die last year.

I'm covered in cat fur and dried tears now, it's 30 minutes after we close and we've been slammed all day, so I'm sweating like a cow. I've stripped off my scrub top, so I'm in my ratty old kennel tank and am washing blood from a very-enthusiastically-in-heat dog off the walls in the big exam room when someone starts rattling the front door. I am pissed, and exhausted (after being there 30 minutes late on top of my 13 hour shift already and it's been a goddamn long day).

It's the cat's people. The lady and her daughter. They brought us cupcakes.

So. I cried a little over the cat. I fucking sobbed over the cupcakes. Grief does weird things to people.

This has been a lot of thoughts about dead pets. I have to vent them out periodically so I don't explode.

Also, never give your dog his/her medication mixed with chocolate milk, that just makes you a fucking idiot.
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Mama is coming home soon and bringing me Wendy's. :)


Blood work on Caseycat came back this morning and it's not diabetes like we were hoping, it's end stage kidney failure, which means we're going to have him put down this weekend. The vet even said with the right meds and food combo, we could maaaaybe get 'til mid-January. It's just more humane to let him go before he starts to vomit blood.


I got the clinic job, I start Friday.

So, you know, extremely up and down day -- all of this happening while I was at the pet store (apparently the manager, says the other girls, does not like her employees having multiple jobs, so it remains to be seen if I'll be able to work both). I'm going to eat my Wendy's when Mama gets home and then ptfo. :)

Sick Cats!

Dec. 4th, 2012 05:51 pm
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Casey has been super off his food for the last few days -- wouldn't eat a single bite, but going crazy on the water.

Took him to see the vet tonight, they took some blood and got him some a/d recovery to eat. He's actually eating!

Also has a grade 2 to 3 murmur in his heart. Lovely. :|

Blood work will be back from the lab tomorrow, and we'll know what's up with him hopefully then. Major contenders are currently diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and kidney failure. Is it wrong to be super hoping for diabetes? It's the easiest to deal with. If he's in major kidney failure, we'll have to have him put down. WAH sick cats, what's up.

Had an interview at a vet clinic (not the one we took Casey to) Friday, they called me in for a working interview, which I had yesterday. I think it went okay? I will hopefully hear from them soon. I want a clinic job. :)

AND THEN the vet tonight that we did take Casey to asked me why I looked familiar, I said it was because I'd been in to there to drop off a resume. They took it from the rather impressive stack and put it on the top, plus he said he'd give it to his vet friend in the next town over who was specifically looking for someone with my credentials. #progress!

So there's an update about sick cats.
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Went to the doctor today because of this persistent douchebag of a cough. It's bronchitis + sinus infection, yaaaaay.

But we were talking about my chest (the inner parts, not the pretty booby parts). Apparently my ongoing problems breathing could have something to do with allergies.

Him: Do you ever have exposure to cats or dogs?
Me: ........................................................................................................ Yep. Both.
Him: Maybe you could go a week without handling them, see how your breathing is from there?
Me: Ummmmmm. Probably not.
Him: Are they non-shedding at least?
Me: Fallacy, there is not such thing as a cat or dog that does not shed at all. All of them shed a little. Even the hairless ones lose the few hairs they do have periodically. Also, they get zits you have to pop. On their butts. Is that really an attractive alternative, people?
Him: *stares blankly*
Me: *stares blankly*
Him: *stares blankly*
Me: But, no, really, I'm not getting away from the pets any time soon.
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Happy birthday, Scorpie! My perfect zombie pie! <33

I Got This For You )
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Attention all my animal loving pals!

It's fund-raising time at the pet rescue again and this year we're selling some pretty awesome All Heart tee shirts, 2011 calendars and handmade paper greeting cards.

If you're at all interested in supporting an amazing cause that is in need of some help right now, either for yourself or for someone you know who is a big animal lover, please let me know.

If you want anything at all, I'm willing to pay for the shipping. Drop me a line here and we'll set something up.
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Walked around with the sweetest baby ball python at work today and I AM ACTUALLY IN LOVE. Did a lion cut on a little grey tabby today in grooming class and I AM ACTUALLY IN LOVE.

Shaving cats = damn good time. And omfg, seriously. Snakes. How much do I love them? It's not even a real number.
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Some of my new friends from school )

Most of these pictures were taken while the power was out, and on my Blackberry, so they're all... not great pictures. Sorry dudes.
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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Not really. Just antibiotics.

I handed in a Client Relations paper today at 8:30, then I turned around and stumbled home and slept from 9 this morning to 6 this evening. It was... kind of magical. I know going to school is important, but today was the first time since school started that I've been able to sleep for more than about 5 hours at a time.

Still plodding away at the [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang fic. Still blaming [livejournal.com profile] cherie_morte for everything that is wrong with my life. Still trying to resist the siren call of my horrible Leverage idea for [livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang.

McLovin was absolutely great on his own while I was away from Thanksgiving. Nothing broken, nothing peed on, nothing dead and hidden under my pillows. He even cuddled in bed with me today. Who is this cat and what happened to my beast?

Thanksgiving was good. I thought about it. I guess I have a lot to be thankful for this year, including all you guys. <3

Now, only two and bit more months to prepare my airing of grievances.. :D
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I'm going to save Defendor until I can actually focus on it. So I'm watching Cats. Because that's somehow similar. Whatever.



Why do they all hate Grizzabella? I get that they do but... why? Am I missing something? I feel like it would make more sense if I knew why. Anyone? Thoughts? Theories? Some important plot point I have been missing for all these years because I have the attention span of a fork?

EDIT: This guy says it's because she used to be a hooker-cat. idk if I like that answer...

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For all I give the little jerk a hard time, I kind of love my cat.

McLovin has a seriously hard time with change. Any change at all. Like the time I got a new bed. He refused to come into my bedroom for about three days. Then there was the time we moved his food dish four feet from the top of the dresser to the bathroom counter. I firmly believe the only reason he finally got used to that one was because he was that hungry.

He had a really bad run in with the neighbour's cat one day last fall. Monty, the cat is called, got into our living room through the patio doors and terrorized our poor McLovin (who is half the strange cat's size) by swatting at him and chasing him up the stairs. From that day, McL has been beyond terrified of other cats. Whenever Monty comes to window, McL hides upstairs. When McL accidentally sees his reflection in the mirror, he hides for hours, mewling and hating his life.

McL needs to be a more social animal. I'm an animal lover and I do intend to have dogs one day. Maybe not another cat because McLovin is so absolutely dead set against it, but absolutely I want dogs. And cats can live 18 or so years, so I foresee McLovin having to deal with a lot of dogs. Pixie is one thing because Pixie was already here when McLovin moved in, so she's not something that has ever changed for him. And they do get along sometimes, in all honesty. Usually when they're both sleepy enough that they don't think to fight, but they can co-exist. Normally they start getting growly with each other because Pixie does not like getting rowdy and McL just wants to play.

So last night we brought home Abby. Now before we brought her, we cat-tested her with the cat at the rescue, Ping Pong. Abby sniffed him, licked his fur and then wanted to play. Ping Pong, of course, is too cool to play with puppies, but it gave us a good idea what she was going to be like. She wanted to play! McLovin loves to play! Especially if it involves running up and down the stairs to fetch things or bartering weapons with homegrown terrorist cells. He's that kind of cat.

We expected some problems because of McLovin's hatred of change, but we are going with 'they probably be good friends when he mans up and gives her a chance.'

It's been less than 24 hours and he's already doing awesome with her. The beginning last night was rough. He hid behind the blinds on my windowsill and cried out to the neighbours through the screen. Later in the evening, we took Abby and Pix to the store and back and when we got him, McLovin came downstairs and watched us and hissed a little from the table by the door. He didn't come closer, but he wasn't hiding!

He got close a few times to sniff her, and she was really good about being gentle and not putting her face too close. She's still a puppy, right, so she only ever wants to play, not to hurt. McLovin actually let her sniff him, but the second she tried to get closer, he runs.

Today, we made real progress. He sat with me and the dogs on the couch for over an hour and only hissed once when Abby got up to turn around and put her giant head onto my laptop keyboard. The keyboard, of course, gets nice and warm and is therefore McLovin's favourite place to put his cold paws, so he felt she was in his zone. So, in a few days, hopefully he and Abby will be playing and not being weird and anti-social.

Pictures of the foster dog, Abby )
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Some of you may have heard about the ordered euthanasia of almost 350 animals at the Newmarket animal shelter because of a massive ringworm infection and also have met me and therefore can probably predict everything I'm about to write.

But in case you haven't, here's me talking at you about it some. )
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I went on a friending spree last night... I wonder what brought that on?

Anyways, hello everyone (except [livejournal.com profile] epiphanyx7. You can f.o.) and if you're dying to know more about me than is available in my profile, check out my TOTALLY AWESOME INTRO POST from the other day.

In other news!

1. McLovin bit me hard enough to draw blood. From my eyelid.

2. I have redone my lj layout and I'm still not happy with it. I don't think I'll ever be happy with it.

3. Getting my gecko has been postponed until further notice because the person I am getting her from is in Costa Rica (or somewhere) until further notice.

4. I have decided who my superhero alter ego would be (details and pictures later?).

5. I had a lightning storm in my mind yesterday and I want to sign up for the next round of [livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang except I have no idea when/if that would be happening and um, way to miss the boat by a matter of months there. Also, wth, don't you remember the [livejournal.com profile] au_bigbang fiasco that you somehow fell into and that is still in progress? (The main problem is a simple lack of boobies. I hope to fix this in upcoming scenes. I'm hoping my partner doesn't notice)
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Oh my word, I don't even know what has gone on the last few days.

I'm at my mother's, house/dog sitting and it's mostly boring.

Stewie is like a hyperactive kindergarten student with an attention span problem and an criminal record and five or six rolls because his parents let him eat way too much sugar and watch violent cartoons. He got in a fight with a minivan tonight when we went for a walk. The van was parked and off. The van still won. I don't even know what to tell you, guys, he's way too hyper.

Stewie )

Stan is a lot more sedate than Stewie and when he's sitting still you can pull on his jowls and he makes a terrifying Joker (from The Dark Knight) face and it's hilarious and sad and creepy all at once. Problem with Stan is he's the biggest dog but he thinks he's the smallest. He wants to crawl up me and sleep right on my chest. Like frick, the rats do that Stan, you are not the size of a rat. Him and Stewie wind each other up though and have a tendency to drive me insane when they get going.

Stan )

Sophie is pretty much the most high maintenance thing in the history of my life and that includes babies and Katie. MORE HIGH MAINTENANCE THAN KATIE. I can't believe that's a sentence I just typed. She can't eat unless you're sitting next to her, she won't go out with the boys, the boys can't rough house near her, the cat can't be on the same couch as her, she can't sleep alone, I can't shut the bathroom door all the way in case she wants to come in... I mean, even Katie lets me shower alone sometimes... And Mama and Step-father just feed all her neuroses.

Sophie )

And then Fiona is a typical cat who hates everything except for wreaking havoc. She's way better than McLovin and seems to hate The Tyra Show as much as I do. She's been cuddling me while I watch Dr. Who these last few days. Nice to have a cat who will actually cuddle.

Fiona )

And so yeah. That's my life. I have watched the first series of new Dr. Who. I kind of love it a lot. Like, a lot.
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 15/31

I washed a metric fuckton of dishes today. My hands are still dishy.
I talked to McLovin' a lot today. I was lonely.
I read some gut wrenching angsty fiction today. It made me maudlin and depressed about my hands.
I listened to my first ever podfic today. I am officially hooked.
I need to get a job before I go crazy and stab a man with a cactus. This is something I have been having a recurring nightmare about. WTH self...

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Special Fun Features
Quote of the Day: The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge. [Daniel Boorstin]

Fact of the Day: Isaac Asimov is the only author to have a book in every Dewey-decimal category.

Pretty Picture of the Day: here )

Song of the Day: 'Looking For A Place To Happen', The Tragically Hip. This makes for excellent housework music, I decided. I like songs about explorers, apparently. Maybe I just like rocking out when I'm washing dishes and shouting at the cat.

The Final Thought: It's a long way from there to here.
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 10/31

As I sit here on my throne of baby panda skulls and reflect on my day I think, 'hey, today was exactly 50/50.'

I was woken up by Trishka calling to ask if I had a box she could turn into a club house (I don't), Claudine threatened to feed me to a shark (she didn't), I put on fancy socks (they're Katie's) and then I started drinking (long island iced tea).

Now I'm finishing up s2 of Chuck and thinking about monkeys. I'm only 61% drunk.

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Special Fun Features
Quote of the Day: There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. [Bertrand Russell] Heh, story of my life.

Fact of the Day: Caribou and reindeer eat cladonia rangiferina (aka: reindeer lichen) because the plant contains a chemical that helps to protect them from freezing.

Pretty Picture of the Day: here )

Song of the Day: 'Africa', Toto. I have heard this song at least 3 different times today and it always makes me want to dance. I don't even know why. I also don't know when I really even got into 'dancing'. How strange.

The Final Thought: I can connect some of the freckles on my right forearm into the Batman logo. At least I can after I've had a few drinks.
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Days 'o' Blog Count: 02/31

Just got home from Janis' place to bring in her mail and feed her animals. Her cat is frickin' spastic. She reminds my why I never ever want a kitten again. That's not to say she's not adorable, but man oh man too much energy.

I meant to stop and get some groceries on the way home but I was frozen through just waiting for the bus to go downtown as it was so I bailed on the whole 'eating food' idea. As I walked the 8 or 9 blocks between Janis' apartment and the bus I was struck with thought that there probably is a God, and (S)He's probably a polar bear. How else do you explain temperatures that are allowed to be this freezing?

Here I am, 30 minutes after getting in the door and I still can't feel my fingers. Damn you adorable red Vancouver 2010 mittens, you were supposed to be warm!

31 Days 'o' Blog Super Special Fun Features
Quote of the Day: Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me. [Anne Lindbergh]

Fact of the Day: 'Pharology' is the study of lighthouses and it is derived from the Egyptian island Pharos where the most famous of ancient lighthouses The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built during the Hellenistic period. Other words derived from the root 'pharos' are used to mean lighthouse in at least 10 languages today.

Pretty Picture of the Day: here )

Song of the Day: 'Nothing Left To Make Me Wanna Stay', Sloan. Let me just say 'man I love this song'. It was my most very favourite Sloan song for a long while in high school and it still makes me wanna shake my hair all around. That's my signature dance move, by the way ;)

The Final Thought: I will probably never warm up.
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After a particularly arduous journey yesterday, I have safely arrived at my mother's house. There was some crazy snowstorm business going on for the middle half of the bus trip. The bus had to pull over about eight times for the worst of it to pass, which was scary because with 60 in my bank account and no cell service, I did not want to be stranded in Bracebridge.

Other than the terror though, I realized how absolutely gorgeous snow actually is when you're not outside in it. The lights from the bus headlights made it all sparkly on the trees. And I mean, there's a lot of trees during a five hour trip that is a large majority through the woods. All the pine trees looked weighed down and snowtastic and all the leafless, branchy trees looked skeletal and ghostly and it was pretty and haunting and gave me an idea for a story which I'm not supposed to talk about but kind of just did anyways.

Now I'm at my mama's place (until the 29th, whew!) and instead of fighting McLovin' for my food or the nice spot on the bed or my socks, I have to wrestle Mama's cat AND her three dogs. It's like, 'sure Lillith's dead, but now Satan's here and he wants to steal my body.'

Yeah that sentence should prolly read 'out of the frying pan and into the fire.' That's what I meant. For sure.

Stanley, who is already very big for a Boston, apparently grew a whole bunch since I have been here last (Thanksgiving!). I am considering leaving my clothes here and putting him in my suitcase instead. He could hold his own against the spaniel 'o' doom, I do believe.

Mama has a list of holiday related chores for me to do. A very, very long list. On one hand, it will keep me form OD-ing on the internet. On the other hand, ew, chores.
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Official studies currently being conducted are indicating that the noise of the neighbours re-shingling their roof could only be louder if they were in fact re-shingling the roof of my soul.

Which, hey, is fine, it's looking a little grubby [1], but my sleep schedule has been corrupted by staying up all night when normal human people are supposed to be sleeping because I wrote a novel apparently.

Oh yeah.

So I finished with 53,642 which fell a wee bit short of my 6o,ooo goal, but still kicked the ass of what I wrote last year (36,ooo, by hand) and the year before (7oo, by suckage). I am still so beyond happy with what I did though so stfu awful writing coach of doom [2].

Unfortunately for my life, some quote-unquote friends of mine started a fanfic challenge community wherein they're only purpose for having me is to TORTURE my soul with most excellent prompts and then take whatever prompts I give them and turn them into 'evil!Sam is evil and puts his penis there (yes there!) because of his evilness!'. God forbid (apparently literally in this case) anyone have a healthy relationship. You know who you are and you know what you did. [3] So the rest of my life will be spent filling ridic prompts and giggling my ass off at doomful pinball machines, Supernatural Cardcaptors, superhero mpreg and singing FBI agents.

Career counselor appointment again today, will attempt not to lop off the man's head with a machete. Then scrapbooking with GGC and Big Bang Theory with the roommates the evening.

Wouldn't it be great/weird if I combined at least two of those activities? Scrapbooking with a machete? Career counseling from the characters from BBT? Oh the possibilities.

[1] Again, I think fandom is to blame.
[2] 'He's your writing coach' is the roommate's 'hilarious' way of justifying putting our most feral cat in my bedsheets while I'm sleeping.
[3] For the curious and for others who might hate me, here's A Little Taste of Heaven. You have been warned, of course, that it's totally NSFW and also unkind towards angels, Dean Winchester, my soul, the innocence of babies and kittens, and Sam fangirls everywhere. SO GOOD, but mean.
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You know you kind of have a strange life when you get home and take off your jeans because they're spattered with blood and then you look up and shout, exasperated, 'No, McLovin, don't chew that, that's the Apocrypha'.


We has a very busy day today, including Katie waking me up and forcing me to get dressed, three bus trips, Katie losing her cell phone and panicking like a maniac in Future Shop (don't worry, it was with Kieran!), jingle bells in my hair, writing letters to Santa, giving the letters to Santa, lunch at the Tea Garden, trying on so many shoes at Payless Shoes, and finally, Aunt Katie giving Trishka a bloody nose.

So yes, busy day at Northgate.

Trishka is getting really good at asking people how they are in French, which is fun and exciting because in a few months, she's going to speak better French than the rest of us.

Santa seemed happy to see us. We figured it was because we were all so good this year. Also because the four adult ladies with the 4 year old are very sexy and Santa was a 25 year old male. ;)

On the bus to the mall, Trishka and Katie and I were talking about what we were going to ask Santa for. Colleen wanted money for groceries and rent, Katie wanted pretty much the same thing plus a spite hamster. Trishka, on the other hand, wanted a drink, crazy hair, a yellow dress and a human slave. Yes, human slave. We have the best four year old, I think.

We brushed, bathed and cut the mats out of the animals yesterday. It was an event, let me tell you. I am covered in scratches. McLovin does not like to be brushed or cut at. He hates baths too, but once you get him wet pretty much all of the fight goes out of him. He just flops over in your arms and mourns the loss of his rage. And mewls like a fat kid when you take his cupcakes away.

I also saw a whole bunch of people too! Devin and Jamie and Holly and Jenn and Mal and Aimee and Kieran and Pixie and Shep and and and and. :D

All in all, very good day. Now I am babysitting Trishka so the girls can go out. Doesn't make a difference to me, I wasn't planning on going out and she's going to bed once she gets here anyways. Busy day and sleepy evening. Very excellent stuff.


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