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Was going to do a link-spam of every thing I've written this year, but I decided that... No, I won't do that :D

Here's just a quick breakdown:

Total words written+posted: 104,000 (give or take a couple. I tend to round to the nearest 10)
Number of fics posted: 18
Fandoms Represented: 2 (def going to try to write some more next year)
Big Bangs Posted: 4
Total words written+posted for big bangs: 89,900 (I am in loooooove with big bangs. ALL THE BIG BANGS)
Total # of fics written for porn comment memes & # of words: 8&5,550

And though it makes me a little queasy, here's a link to the thing I wrote that I like the best. I wavered; there's 2 that I like, but this one wins on account of banter. Also, it's shorter, so anyone who wants to read it will be tortured a little less.

The Secret Waiter Job, written for AU Big Bang. Leverage Restaurant AU, Eliot/Hardison, warnings for strong language, lots of knives, and spanking. 23k, rated R.

Leverage is the hot, exciting place on the restaurant scene these days, thanks to its hot, exciting executive chef, Eliot Spencer. New hire Alec Hardison is a mild mannered, smooth talking waiter by night and a double-life-living, top secret culinary school student by day. Together, they'll cook up some sizzling dishes... both in and out of the kitchen.

So basically, if it's not a big bang or Porn Battle, I won't write it. >.< Going to expand my ficcing horizons in 2012. More fandoms, more writing for fun and pleasure, more WORDS. Yes, I signed up to "get my words out". We'll see how that goes. :D

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Date: 2011-12-30 03:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mistyzeo.livejournal.com
104,000! That's baller, especially since most of it was for Big Bangs. I am in awe.


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